Why You Shouldn’t Dump Grease Down Your Drain

After grease goes down your drain it ends up as part of wastewater going through your pipes and then into your neighborhood sewer system. It turns out that the fats in the grease mix with other chemicals in the sewer water, forming globs that can ultimately build up and then block the pipes.

Just like a person needs to watch their cholesterol, sewer systems need to watch their grease intake.

Grease contains fats comprised of fatty acids and glycerol. When fatty acids meet up with calcium in the sewer, you know what happens? Fat blobs, which glob onto the ceiling of the pipe system much like stalactites occur in caves.

One time, in Britain, a 17-ton “fatberg” (that’s what these blobs/globs are called) had to be removed from a sewer– and you wouldn’t want that job.

Ultimately, by pouring grease down your drain, you help block area sewer lines, which then get clogged and/or broken.

The smarter choice is to let grease solidify in a pan or jar and then throw out the solid grease in your trash can.

Should you accidentally pour grease down a drain, follow it up with boiling hot water, vinegar and some baking soda to help push it out of your pipes.

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