What Makes a Great Plumber?

Great PlumbersCertain people would make terrible plumbers. For example, if someone had no interest in working with tools, had no patience with pipes or people, and was always late to appointments, then plumbing is not for them.

What, then, makes a good plumber?

Certifications and Licenses

First of all, a plumber should be trained to the point where they earn certificates that show they know all about plumbing. Ideally, plumbers should be both licensed and certified, which helps customers know they put the time and effort into learning their craft and they’re serious about it. Skills and knowledge matter– you don’t want a plumber who has no schooling and no one else “vouching” for him or her, right?


Experience is a great teacher. Therefore, the more years a plumber has been “on the job,” that means the more experience they have with all sorts of plumbing issues. A newbie might not be as swift with identifying a problem, whereas an old-timer has “seen it all” and learned how to deal with the jobs where something’s out of the ordinary.


Of course, safety is important. Plumbers deal with pipes that could easily flood and ruin a place, so a good plumber must always put safety first. Following safety procedures is much better than “winging it.”

Mechanically Sound

If a person is mechanically inclined, that certainly helps them in their profession as a plumber. Understanding the mechanics of systems and troubleshooting those systems are a plumber’s bread-and-butter. Plumbers work with valves, tubes, pipes and more. They use a lot of tools. Logical, rational people do well as plumbers.

Physical Skills

Being in good shape is important because a plumber often must contort their body to get at certain areas to do their work. Crouching down, working under sinks, and even having to climb on to roofs are all part of the job. Good plumbers have good hand-eye coordination skills, especially in cramped working conditions. This is one job where being clumsy is not a good thing.


Finally, a good plumber needs to be punctual. If they tell someone they’ll be there between 10 and 11, they need to be there then. A positive attitude, a professional demeanor, and a dedication to their work– even when it involves odd working hours– are all important attributes of a good plumber.

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