What Causes Drains to Backup?

Brutinel Plumbing often gets calls to investigate drain backups. What causes them?

Well, for starters, typical culprits include a buildup of “solid material,” which clog a drain. Think about the times you shave or cut hair at a sink, with hairs going down the drain. Add to that grease, sanitary napkins, paper towels, disposable diapers, and garbage and you’ve got your buildup of solid material. Did you ever know a kid to accidentally put something down a drain that didn’t belong there, like a toy or banana peel? That happens often, and, as you imagine, it usually takes a professional plumber to make a house call to unclog the drain properly so backups don’t occur.

Besides solid material, drains can get backed up when structural damage occurs. For instance, if you have very old pipes and they crack or sag, misalignments, holes, and offset joints can happen and then you get “issues.” Interestingly, tree roots can sometimes find their way into pipes through cracks and joints, and cause pipes to become blocked as well.

Should there be a huge flash flood, it’s not uncommon for drains to backup since they’re over capacity.

The technically trained plumbers at Brutinel Plumbing of Casa Grande/Pinal County, AZ, can handle any type of drain backup that occurs at your home of business. With a call service available around-the-clock, Brutinel is able to examine your problem right away. FYI: Brutinel has a Certified Backflow Specialist who can install, test and/or repair reduced pressure backflow prevention devices. Call Brutinel today at 1-800-839-5802.