Tips for Preventing Your Shower From Clogging

Shower DrainIf you think a family with five daughters is more prone to shower clogs than a single bald man living alone, you’re correct! That said, shower clogs can happen to anybody.

Ways to Prevent Your Shower From Clogging

One of the best ways to prevent shower clogs is to use a hair catcher in the drain. Even though we don’t realize we lose hair in the shower, we do, and normally it all goes down the drain, where it can build up and clump together, forming a stubborn blockage. Therefore, putting a hair catcher over the shower drain prevents loose hairs from going down into the pipe system. When you see an accumulation of hair in there, you simply take it out, empty it into your garbage bin, and reset the “hair trap” to do its job again.

Should you think/know you do have a shower clog, one way to help clear the situation up is to flush all your house drains at once. This involves help from other people… whereas everyone goes to a different room and drain and all together they flush the toilets and run water down the drains of the sinks and bathtubs/showers all at once. Try it– it usually works and is kind of fun.

Other ways to deal with shower clogs involve using a bent wire to go down into the drain and loosen the clog– perhaps use a wire coat hanger to do the trick. Or you can buy a “snake” at the store, which looks like a long ruler with prongs on it. Like a Q-tip cleans the ear canal and gets wax out, a “snake” does something similar to a drain.

Oh, and rather than use harsh chemicals to unclog a shower drain, try pouring boiling water down the drain and letting the shower run warm water for about five minutes, as this can naturally loosen the clog. Sometimes people use a cup of bleach, or a combo of baking soda and vinegar to accomplish this feat, too. Also, try filling the basin with water and using a plunger– it may help suck out the junk that’s causing the clog.

When all else fails, call Brutinel Plumbing to come take a look. Brutinel has been unclogging drains in Arizona since 1949!