The Importance of Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning Drains need cleaning from time to time because, as you can imagine, “stuff” builds up inside of them, over time, clogging them up. You don’t want your drains to get so blocked that the water and other “stuff” bubbles up out of the sink, shower or toilet, grossing you (and others) out and causing a funky mess.

Think of all the things you send down your kitchen sink drain. Particles of food, grease, soap, fat, detergents and more can build up inside the drain pipes and clog them up.

When you take showers and/or baths, not only do you end up sending a lot of soap scum down the drain, but your hair as well. Some families with lots of ladies with long hair often find their shower drain clogging up on a regular basis, simply because a lot of long hairs end up in the drain pipes, not allowing the proper flow of water and debris through. Obnoxious, for sure.

How about bathroom sinks? Has your mom ever come over with Q-tips to try and clean out the drain, only to tell you, “It’s disgusting!” Bathroom sink drains can get clogged by hair, toothpaste, soap, and grime. Yuck.

Now it’s not too polite to talk about toilet’s clogging up, but suffice it to say that sometimes putting too much toilet paper in the toilet can turn into a mess you do not want. And for some odd reason, people tend to drop things into the toilet that don’t belong there—has your toddler ever dropped a toy in there and flushed? It happens. Someone’s got to come fix the problem, then.

Brutinel Plumbing & Electrical of Casa Grande, AZ, can send professionals to your home or business to unclog and/or fix drains. Call 1-800-839-5802 when you have clogged drains and need help.