The Impact Plumbers Have on Society and Our Daily Lives

The Importance of Plumbing Imagine if you didn’t have any plumbing in your house or apartment or office. How awkward would that be in this day and age? What would life look like if everyone still used outhouses and had to clean their clothes on a scrub board down at the local river?

In today’s modern society, both plumbing and plumbers are vital. Both work with water, which is perhaps our world’s greatest resource. After all, we all need water to live. And it’s not just us humans who need water– so do trees, plants, flowers, animals, bugs, etc. Water is life!

Supplies Society’s Water Needs

Plumbing is vital because it harnesses water to be put to good use to supply society’s daily needs. Those plumbing pipes in your house transport water to you, keeping you healthy, clean and feeling good. It’s easy to take for granted that you can just turn on the tap and fresh, clean water you can drink comes gushing out… and the same goes for taking showers and baths, as well as washing clothes. Then, when you want to water the lawn or make sure your flowers are healthy, you use the outdoor hose for that– all thanks to plumbing.

Water Efficiency Helps With Water Efficiency

As time goes by, more and more plumbing manufacturers have come up with ways to increase water efficiency such that the actual amount of water used is reduced. Thanks to high-efficiency innovations, society has better designed toilets, shower heads, and faucets that save billions of gallons of water per year, thus cutting down water and energy bills. Here’s an example: years ago toilets that used 3.5 gallons per flush were common. But guess what? Toilets that only use 1.25 gallons per flush are popular today. That’s good!

A Combater Against Disease

Also, consider communicable disease. In another era, disease spread quickly, but today our systems deliver clean water and take away waste efficiently. Modern society’s plumbing and sanitation systems have improved to the point where more and more lives are protected from disease. This, in turn, has helped extend life expectancy. Even developing nations have seen plumbing advancements help save lives.

Hot Water Source

From a practical standpoint, plumbing allows people to enjoy many good things, including hot water. Think about this: hot water cleans your clothes and dishes. It feels good on your skin (and muscles, joints, etc.) when you take a shower or warm bath. We don’t have to have an outhouse because toilets in our modern day homes take our waste away… thank goodness for that! We don’t have to take a scrub board down to the river to clean our clothes– we can just pop them in the washing machine. And instead of washing every plate, fork, cup and spoon by hand, dishwashers do that work for us. Plumbing is vital to people’s lives.

Aid in Protecting a Finite Resource

Plumbing systems run thanks to plumbers who can design, install, maintain, fix, and replace pipes and more. Good plumbers are vital to society. Did you know that The World Health Organization declared plumbers as the most important frontline health workers around the globe? Plumbers do their part to contribute to the good of society, and they’re also focused on water conservation and water reuse. After all, water is a finite resource– we have to be careful not to waste it, and plumbers help us do that.

Water usage is increasing because the world’s population is increasing. There will be about 3 billion more people by the time 2050 comes, and they’ll mostly be living in urban areas and requiring water in a major way. Both plumbers and the plumbing industry pay attention to urban water management– especially in historically dry places. Furthermore, things like rainwater harvesting, desalination, wastewater treatment and reuse, as well as climate change adaptation all figure into the future of plumbing on the planet.

Waste RemovalRemoval of Waste

Plumbing systems collect, transport and distribute water. They also help remove liquid and human waste. Plumbers work on plumbing systems, ensuring that they do their job in a safe and efficient manner.

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