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What To Use When Cleaning Your Toilet

It’s a chore that everyone tries to avoid. You’d rather clean the whole house, top to bottom, before you have to walk into the bathroom and clean your toilet. You know it’s a dirty job. The type you pull out the long rubber gloves for. But you also know it’s a necessary job. So what… Read more »

Easy-to-Avoid Plumbing Issues

Solving a plumbing problem can be very challenging, especially when it involves more tools than a plunger. Often, fixing even minor plumbing issues involves a variety of tools and techniques to ensure your toilet, sink, shower or other plumbing device is working optimally. Not knowing how to properly fix an issued could lead to more… Read more »

How to Get Rid of a Foul Odor Coming From Your Garbage Disposal

Bachelors will especially relate to this: you let various things accumulate in your sink over time. It becomes a catch-all. And pretty soon people who visit point out that the kitchen stinks. Hey, it happens. It turns out that foul odors may be coming from your garbage disposal, which might need a simple cleaning. Garbage… Read more »

How to Combat Water Shortages

yeWith severe drought plaguing parts of the United States, one thing’s for sure: water is a precious resource that shouldn’t be wasted. How can you help combat water shortages due to drought, aging infrastructure, and the fact that more and more people live in arid areas like our part of Arizona? Now is the right… Read more »

Beware of Rouge Plumbers

When you think of the term rogue, what do you think of? If you’re a Star Wars fan, you might think of the Rebel Alliance and their army of fighter pilots known as Rogue Squadron. If you’re comic book fan, you might be familiar with the X-Men character known as Rogue, a fiery mutant who… Read more »

The Marketing Landscape for Plumbing Businesses

If you’re a plumber or part of a plumbing business, you might not be entirely convinced of the need to market yourself. After all, plumbing is an almost self-fulfilling industry. People will always be plumbing or HVAC issues and since they’re not experts themselves, who else are they going to call? Perhaps it’s a stubborn… Read more »

Reasons to Check the Age of Your Plumbing

If your plumbing is any older than the 60’s, then you can expect some repairs in the near future. The main reason for this is that is because of the galvanized steel that was used prior to the 1960’s. More often than not if the plumbing is that old, then major upkeep has already been… Read more »

Should You Use Copper for Plumbing?

Copper is a material that has been used for plumbing for years, and for many different reasons. What’s So Great About Copper? There are many benefits to using copper for your plumbing. Copper has proven itself to be long lasting and has a proven performance record. If something has been around for a long time,… Read more »

How to Safely Retrieve an Item that Accidentally Fell Into a Toilet

Sometimes things fall in the toilet– things you don’t want in there. How many of us have ever accidentally dropped our expensive smartphones in the toilet? It happens all the time! Moms with kids often hear the words, “Mommy, I dropped such-and-such in the toilet.” Not exactly the words a busy mom wants to hear–ever…. Read more »

How to Prevent Sewer Gases From Coming Into Your Bathroom

You don’t want sewer gases coming into your bathroom. If you smell an awful odor in your home emanating from somewhere in your bathroom, it could mean you have a toilet leak or crack in one of your plumbing vent pipes. Or, perhaps, you have blocked vents that need to be cleared. First, figure out… Read more »