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How to Keep Your Children Safe from Electric Shocks

Small children can get into trouble very easily if they aren’t closely watched. Therefore, when we can’t be right there to watch them, we do what we can to keep them safe from incidents such as electrical shocks. Here are a few things you can do to keep your little one safe from electrical incidents…. Read more »

How to Reduce Your Electric Bill

No one enjoys paying a stack of bills at the end of the month, especially when they are particularly high. While the amount of money you spend on various utilities probably varies throughout the year, you are most likely paying about the same total each month. Whether that total is incredibly high or you just… Read more »

What Could Cause Your Home to Lose Power?

Brutinel Plumbing and Electrical has been in business in Arizona since 1949, and during the many decades of operation, people have often asked, “Why did my power go out? There are many factors that affect your home’s power supply, and several reasons for outages. Perhaps the most common time the power goes out is during… Read more »

The Nightmare of Faulty Pipes

No one wants faulty pipes. Yet faulty pipes exist. The nightmare of faulty pipes involves a really big mess, a lot of money, too much paperwork, and the stress and headaches and mental exhaustion the whole ordeal causes. Pipes can be defective when their manufacturer makes them improperly, with bad fittings for instance. Or they… Read more »

A Three-Step Plan To An Unclogged Drain

Everything that takes stuff in has its limits. Your gas tank can only take so much before the handle at the pump clicks. A computer can only handle so much data before it shoots back an error message. Even your own body, say, if you’ve eaten too much pizza, will let you know in it’s… Read more »

What Can a Gas Leak Do To Your Health?

For some people, natural gas is all around their home; the energy source for their clothes dryers, heating, water heater, stove, fireplace and fire pits. It’s also something we often don’t think about as a danger to our health.  While carbon dioxide poisoning gets a bit more attention than natural gas leaks, it’s not something… Read more »

What’s Wrong With My Toilet? It Could Be Your Fill Valve

It can be fun to think about what life was like before all of our modern conveniences. With everything we need to keep track of today, a simpler time can be pretty appealing. But if there’s one stark reminder that all the trouble is worth it, it’s the frightening thought of a broken toilet. When… Read more »

Why Carbon Monoxide is a Silent Killer

In the old days, homes had smoke detectors in case of fires. Today they have both smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. If you don’t have both where you live, buy and install them– your life could depend on them. Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless, poisonous gas that could kill you. Produced by… Read more »

Five Things to Know About Hydrojetting

Here at Brutinel Plumbing and Electrical in Casa Grande, Arizona, we fix problems for our customers every day. Some of these issues require more power than others. For some of the most demanding plumbing jobs, we rely on something called hydrojetting. Here are a few things you should know about the process. It’s Like Power… Read more »