Should You Add a Second Sink to Your Kitchen?

Two Kitchen Sinks It has been said that the key to a happy marriage is two sinks. That statement is typically referring to the bathroom, but it can also apply to the kitchen.

If there’s more than one person in your household, then having two sinks in the kitchen can be quite beneficial. Even if there’s just one, a second sink can be helpful.

The Benefits of Two Kitchen Sinks

For instance, it’s nice to have two sinks because that way one sink can be used “for the grub, the other for the scrub.” In other words, one sink gets designated for dirty dishes. How many times have you finished a meal, put your dirty dishes into your one sink, and left them there? Then your sink is barely usable for hours, days, or perhaps even weeks. Most of us get lazy and just let dirty dishes accumulate in our one kitchen sink over time. Therefore, having two sinks gives us another basin to keep the dirty stuff while being able to use the “clean and open” sink for everyday use– filling water bottles, rinsing off our hands with soap, food prep, etc.

If you have an “island” in the middle of your kitchen, that’s a good place for your second sink. Ideally, if two people are going to be using sinks at the same time, then it makes sense to space them far enough away from each other so there’s “room to move.” No one likes a kitchen that’s too crowded, right?

By the way, both sinks need not be identical. There can be the deeper, wider sink and then the smaller one. Perhaps you want to create a “wet bar” for drink prep. Why not have a sink that’s pretty much designated for washing glasses and mugs? Or maybe you’re a baker and you’d like a small, auxiliary sink next to your baking station. Do you have kids who always come into the kitchen with dirty hands? Why not add a sink just for them to clean up before meals? That way they’re not using “your” food prep sink and they don’t have to go to another room to “wash up.” People who have two or more kitchen sinks love the convenience.

A professional, licensed plumber can help you decide where to add a second sink in your kitchen. Brutinel Plumbing can do the job– call 520-836-5802 for more information.