Commercial & Residential Re-piping Services

Improve the quality of your water and the overall value of your home with re-piping services by Brutinel Plumbing and Electrical, Casa Grande, Arizona’s first choice in plumbing services since 1949. Old pipes in walls can have numerous negative consequences for your home, from leaking pipes that can cause rotting, mold, structural damage and increased energy costs, to potentially harmful pipe materials such as lead and asbestos.

Not only does replacing your pipes increase your home or business’s value, it increases your quality of life. Your pipes are the circulatory system for your home, bringing in clean water and removing waste. With a new, state of the art plumbing system installed by Brutinel Plumbing and Electric, you can feel secure knowing that your system will be operating at maximum efficiency and cleanliness for years to come.

Call or visit our Contact Us page with any questions you may have on our re-piping services, from expected schedules to pipe materials, or schedule an appointment for one of our helpful and knowledgeable plumbing specialists to perform an initial assessment.