General & Emergency Plumbing Repair

You’re washing dishes in the kitchen sink and suddenly you feel water on your feet. You open the cupboard door below to discover the pipes have come undone and there’s a big mess to clean up. What do you do? If you’re like most people, you call a plumber. If you’re in the Case Grande and Maricopa, AZ areas, you contact Brutinel Plumbing.

General and Emergency Repair Plumbing Services

Professional Plumbing Services Maricopa, AZSince 1949, long before this part of the country was so built-up and developed, Brutinel Plumbing has been fixing broken pipes, leaky faucets and more. Bob Brutinel started the company way back when, and he became known for his integrity, diligence and caring attitude. These qualities are what drive Brutinel’s employees today as we service all sorts of plumbing needs in Casa Grande, Maricopa and around Pinal County. From general repairs to emergency ones, Brutinel is there when you need us.

Common Types of Plumbing Repairs

What are some of the main reasons people call Brutinel Plumbing? Dripping faucets and leaky pipes are two major reasons. Then there are the clogs: clogged toilets, bath/shower drains, and relatedly, slow draining sinks and/or jammed garbage disposals. Meanwhile, what do you do when your toilet just keeps “running?” You call Brutinel. Other common types of plumbing repairs include dealing with faulty water heaters, low water pressure issues and sewer system backups.

Signs You Need a Professional Plumber

What are some of the signs you might need to call Brutinel Plumbing?

  • If you hear “knocking” pipes, there’s probably a problem. That knocking noise could indicate loose valves in the pipe system, loose support straps, and/or water pressure that’s too high for whatever reason. Left untreated, knocking pipes might end up leaking and/or breaking– not good!
  • If you’re used to a certain water pressure in your shower or coming from your sink and one day it’s not steadily streaming out “like normal,” then low water pressure could be a sign you need a plumber.
  • If one of your faucets continually drips and this bothers you, as it does most people, you probably need to call a plumber.
  • If water is draining too slowly you might have a drainage problem that only a plumber can fix. You don’t want to end up with still water lingering in your home, which could cause health problems and/or the growth of accumulating mold behind walls.

Finally, consider the water coming from your faucets. If there’s a lack of hot water, something’s got to be checked– most likely it’s your water heater, which could be leaking or is no longer able to maintain a constant temperature (usually due to age). Oh, and if colored water is coming from your faucets, such that it’s cloudy white, brown, red, yellow, or green/blue, you should have a plumber visit and see what needs fixing.

Reasons to Hire a Professional Plumber

Professional Plumbing Services Though many people would like to ignore plumbing problems, hoping they just go away on their own, eventually a professional might need to intervene and fix the problem(s). Why hire a professional plumber from Brutinel?

Our plumbers are trained experts when it comes to plumbing systems. We have expertise, working knowledge, and the tools to do the job right. Need helpful advice? We offer it. Want to save time and aggravation? Instead of trying to do it yourself, have the professional do it. Things like sinks and toilets get used often– any “downtime” is not good. Hiring a professional plumber means you’ll have clean water sooner than later. You’ll be protecting your property from damage/further damage. When leaks get fixed, you’ll save money on your water bill. And professional plumbers know how to deal with pipes (including hot ones) safely. If and when it’s a “dirty job,” and often it is, isn’t it nice to know you’ve got a professional working on your behalf to fix the problem rather than you getting dirty and frustrated?

Reasons to Choose Brutinel Plumbing for Your Plumbing Needs

At Brutinel, we understand you’ve got a lot going on everyday– from busy schedules to stressful personal lives, we know that plumbing repairs can be just one more headache to worry about. That’s why we’re here for you when you need us– whether it’s routine maintenance jobs or emergency services, Brutinel Plumbing is the company to call in Pinal County when you’ve got plumbing issues and want a professional company to take care of problems quickly, efficiently, and affordably. Contact us today.