Ignore These Plumbing Falsehoods

Garbage Disposal With plumbing, oftentimes parents tell their children what they “heard” from their parents, and while some of that advice might be good and practical, realize that sometimes untrue myths get passed down generation-to-generation.

Lemon Down the Drain

Take, for example, the idea that running a lemon rind through your disposal will help clean the drain. Truth is, it’ll make it smell better, but to truly clean the drain, you’ll need to use a proper cleaning solution made of soap, warm water and other stuff that truly works. It’s also a good idea to use a cleaning brush to scrub the disposal in order to aid the cleaner in doing its job.

Running Water Won’t Push Down All Foods

Another plumbing myth is this: running water while the garbage disposal is running helps the waste travel through there better… um, no. Typically, people think, “Well, if I run the water then it’s fine to put eggshells and banana peels down into the disposal because the water will help that stuff go through…” It doesn’t work that way. Some things just do not belong in your disposal– water or no water!

Signs of a Clog

How about, “Things seem to be going down my drain so it’s not clogged?” You might have a clog somewhere! The best way to notice if a clog is causing problems “down the line” is to notice if the water is draining more slowly than usual– if so, might be time to use a plunger or call a plumber from Brutinel.

Be Careful How You Clean

Here’s one people think is true: all plumbing fixtures can be cleaned using hand soap. Wrong! If you have brass fixtures, don’t use soap on them. As for toilet bowls, hand soap won’t cut it– you’ll need the kind of proper disinfectant that kills germs while it cleans.

Proper Maintenance

Finally, for some odd reason, people believe the myth that plumbing fixtures never require maintenance. The reality is they might– especially if clogs form somewhere, home foundations shift, and/or tree roots start bothering pipes.

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