Clogged Sink

One of the most common calls that a plumber receives is a clogged drain. It’s a literal nightmare unfolding before your very eyes as the sink starts to back up, and murky water starts to appear and pool. From hair to food, pretty much anything that doesn’t readily dissolve can force you into this dreaded situation. Here are some general maintenance tips to reduce the chances of your drain getting clogged:

  • A drain cap/screen – these are easy to install and will be your best choice!
  • Reduce the amount of heavy fluid being put in the drain (grease, oil, etc).
  • Reduce the amount of harsh chemicals being put in the drain (detergents).
  • Clean the stoppers – these can have build-up underneath the tops, so remove them and give them a good scrubbing.
  • Flush the drain with boiling water – once a week boil a few gallons of water on the stove and reduce scum and build-up.

Of course, even if you take these precautions, you could still find yourself in the middle of a sink-turned-swampland! Simply contact Brutinel Plumbing if you continue to have issues, because if the above check list isn’t helping and you find a recurrent drain problem, there could be something else wrong than a simple blockage.  Ultimately, the experts at Brutinel Plumbing will properly diagnose the issue, and have your sink working properly as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about the current state of your sink, then please call 520-836-5802.