How to Prevent Toilet Issues

Toilet Issues Most people don’t talk about toilets or even think about them, but Brutinel Plumbing does– it’s our job. With that in mind, here are some ideas to help prevent toilet “issues.”

First, it’s a good idea to clean your toilet regularly using a mild cleaner. For porcelain toilets, this means using vinegar, baking soda and/or a mild soap. Cleaning is good for hygienic purposes and it can also make the room smell better as a whole. For 15 toilet cleaning tips you’ve probably never heard of, check out this handy article.

Next, don’t be tempted to use chemical drain cleaners to unclog your toilet. Chemicals aren’t good for your health– you don’t want to inhale them or get them on your skin. Meanwhile, they’re likely to damage fixtures and pipes. And for homes with septic systems, it’s not smart to have chemicals end up there, because they kill off good bacteria.

Also, a great way to prevent toilet issues is to just flush human waste and toilet paper down your toilet– nothing else. Please don’t flush tampons, condoms, hair, dead goldfish, toys or other items.

When’s the last time you checked your toilet’s inner workings? Twice a year, open up the lid and flush the toilet. Notice if the flapper is sealing properly and whether or not the fill valve stops running at the level you want it to. If you have a toilet that, for whatever reason, seems to be running all the time, that needs to be fixed– don’t ignore it. Anytime you think your toilet is leaking is the right time to call for help before that small leak turns into a big mess.

Finally, to prevent toilet issues, which can especially happen when there are clogs, have a flange plunger on hand and use it properly, and if a plunger doesn’t work, use an auger or snake, or call a professional plumber at Brutinel Plumbing to come take a look.

Are you having toilet issues? If something doesn’t seem right, Brutinel Plumbing of Casa Grande, Arizona, offers 24-hour emergency service; call 520-836-5802.