How to Prevent Hairballs From Clogging Your Shower

Preventing Hairballs From Clogging Shower DrainsIf you’re a bald bachelor who lives alone, you probably don’t get too many hair clogs in your shower. Unless you have a lot of body hair, your drain is usually pretty clear. Now contrast that with a family of five, whereas you’ve got a husband, wife and three daughters. In this scenario, four out of five people in the house have flowing long locks of hair… and they each shower one or two times daily. Depending on the situation at your house, you could be experiencing a lot of hairballs that try their darndest to clog up your shower drain!

How, then, can you prevent hairballs from clogging your shower?

How to Prevent Your Shower Drain From Clogging

First things first: brush your hair before you shower or bathe. This way the loose strands of hair end up in the brush or even on the bathroom floor. Removing loose hairs before the water hits them hard is the smartest way to prevent hairballs in the drain.

Next, if you’re taking a shower and you notice some stray hairs come loose while you’re running shampoo through your hair, take those strands and place them on the edge of your tub or shower in a clump. Then, after you’re done, pick up the clump of hair and throw it into your garbage can nearby. Thus, you’ve saved your drain from the dreaded hairball.

Want to be innovative? Try placing a used fabric softener sheet over your drain. This sheet will end up catching any loose hairs, saving them from clogging up the drain. Your hair will essentially stick to the sheet and then you can throw it away in the trash after your shower or bath– nice!

How about buying and using a “steel mesh cup” in your drain? These look like tiny kitchen strainers. They do a good job of catching hairballs such that they don’t end up going down the drain and causing clogs. If you have a hairy family, you’ll probably be emptying the steel mesh cup out often, but it’s worth it.

Finally, if you do have a hairball fiasco, the kind that does indeed clog up your drain, it’s best to contact Brutinel Plumbing and have us come get rid of it professionally. For shower drain emergencies, call Brutinel at 520-836-5802.