How to Keep Your Drain Lines Clear

Clogged DrainsRemember that old Elton John song, “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart?” How about “Don’t Go Clogging My Drains” as a parody? The Muppets should sing that one, complete with a hairball and such.

Clogged drains can cause issues in your kitchen, bathroom and other rooms of your home. What are some tips for keeping your drain lines clear?

Tips for Keeping Your Drain Lines Clear

How about cleaning up any debris that accumulates in or around your drains? For instance, if you’ve got a wad of hair atop your shower drain right now, pick that stuff up and dispose of it in the garbage can so it doesn’t go down the drain and clog it up. Also, check the pop-up stoppers in your bathroom sinks. Take a Q-tip to clean in and around there, or use a bent wire/snake to fetch any junk out of the top of the drain.

Do you use a garbage disposal? Have you ever cleaned it with a brush? Did you know you can put some ice chips and table salt in there to help clean slime and grease– kind of like a toothpaste for the disposer!

Though many people don’t like using chemical drain cleaner, there are biodegradable, non-corrosive options like Roebic K-67 granulated bacterial drain cleaner– use that.

Do you have mesh screens over your drains? These can catch things like food particles and hair to help prevent clogged drains.

If you’ve got pets, wash them outdoors instead of in the bathtub. If you’ve got long hair, brush it out before taking a shower so the hairs end up in the brush rather than down the drain. And if you use the garbage disposal a lot, consider starting a compost bin instead.

Finally, if you want to prevent clogged lines, then don’t treat drains like garbage cans. You’d be amazed at the long list of odd items plumbers have found in pipes and such. Cooking oils, grease and fats are allbad for drains and pipes. So are coffee grounds, egg shells, gum, stickers, tampons, condoms, cat litter, cigarette butts, cotton swabs, band-aids, dental floss, paint, bleach, and motor oil.

Now if you’ve got clogged drain lines and need professional help to unclog them, contact Brutinel Plumbing at 520-836-5802.