How to Avoid Fruit Flies In Your Drain or Apple Basket

Fruit FliesIf you’ve ever bought bananas at the grocery store and got them home, you’ve probably noticed they brought with them little flies. Many kitchens end up with fruit flies after people buy or acquire various fruits.

Proper sanitation is important if you want to avoid fruit flies in your home. Otherwise, these little buggers are given the space, place and opportunity to breed. Therefore, clean your garbage cans and dumpsters. Make sure you keep lids closed on garbage containers. Use window screens and door screens. Don’t leave dirty dishes and cups filled with water in the kitchen sink for weeks at a time. You don’t want to give fruit flies a reason to stay in your place! They’re looking for water.

You wouldn’t think it, but fruit flies and other insects oftentimes like to make a home in your drains of all places! There’s such a thing as drain flies, and they breed in drains, sewers, and septic tanks. Other flies that like drains include phorid flies and sphaerocerid flies. Suffice it to say you don’t want any of these flies calling your drains home.

Some people use fly traps bought from a store to capture and kill the buggers. Others rely on spraying insecticide aerosols. There are eco-friendly products to get rid of flies like “Fruit Fly Fighter,” which includes a liquid bacteria that the flies eat– and it kills them. People put it around drain covers or other locations where flies like to land.

Now if you think you have fruit flies down in your drain(s), put some clear tape over the top of the drain with a couple holes in it for air flow. If you end up finding a fly stuck to that tape later on, you’ll know they’re there.

You might need to use a drain treatment like “Invade Bio Drain Gel” to deal with your fly problem. You’re also welcome to call Brutinel Plumbing at 520-836-5802 for expert advice and/or a service call to take a look and remedy the problem for you.