How Plumbers Can Help You With Bathroom and Kitchen Remodels

Bathroom Remodels When’s the last time you updated your kitchen or bathrooms? Most people move into a home and never change anything. Then they live there for years and years and things become outdated. Only when they’re thinking of moving away do they say to themselves, “Maybe I need to update my place so I can sell it for more money.” Indeed, when home buyers take a look at a place, they focus on the kitchen and the bathrooms– the more modern and up-to-date, the better.

How Plumbers Can Help

That said, some people just get fed up with what they’ve got right now. Maybe she doesn’t like the color of the cabinets. Maybe he wants more counter space for cooking meals. No matter what the reason, it’s not that unusual for kitchens and bathrooms to be remodeled in area homes.

How can a plumber from Brutinel Plumbing in Casa Grande help you with your kitchen and bathroom remodels?

For starters, a plumber can install new faucets, taking out the old, cruddy ones and installing sparkling new modern ones. This is your chance to pick out the style YOU want, whether it’s a pull down or double-handed faucet or whatever. You don’t have to settle for what came with the house.

Next, a plumber can change your sinks. Who doesn’t want deeper basins in the kitchen so water doesn’t splash everywhere? Do you have an older porcelain-type sink set in a cabinet? Maybe it’s time to change to a glass basin set atop a tiled countertop, or, better yet, how about a trendy “farmhouse” sink? Your plumber can help make that a reality.

As for shower heads, the variety available today is amazing. Oftentimes people visit new hotels and discover interesting shower heads and think, “I wish I could have that style at my house!” Well, a plumber can make it so. Whether you want a rainfall shower head or a detachable one so you can “reach those hard to reach places” on your body, the sky’s the limit these days.

Just because your house came with fixtures doesn’t mean you can’t change them– and making little changes won’t break the bank. Sure, you could hire companies to come in and give your rooms total makeovers, but why not hire Brutinel Plumbing to come in and make small but significant changes? Contact Brutinel at 520-836-5802 to discuss your needs and wants today.