Electrical Breaker Installation & Repair

Is your electrical breaker giving you issues? If so, Brutinel Plumbing and Electrical is here to help. We offer electrical breaker installation and repair services to ensure your home’s electrical system is running as it should.  Whether the circuit keeps tripping, it sounds like your circuit box is making a humming noise or you simply need maintenance performed, our electricians can handle jobs big and small.

Electrical Circuit Breaker Repair and Installation Services

Damage from old, leaky pipes can cause issues to your electric system, including rotted wires and bad connections that could become a fire hazard. With both licensed plumbers and licensed electricians on staff, will find the root cause of your issue and fix it.

Whether you are in need of general repair or maintenance on your electric breaker, or need to ensure that your electrical system was not affected by a recent plumbing problem, choose Arizona’s most trusted name in both plumbing and electrical needs since 1949. We perform our services in Case Grande and the surrounding the areas, including Queen Creek, AZ.