Electrical Breaker Installation & Repair

Brutinel Plumbing and Electrical of Casa Grande, Arizona also provides our clients with the highest standard in electrical maintenance and repair to match our celebrated plumbing services. Damage from old or leaky pipes often affects a house’s electric system, from rotting wire insulation to bad connections that could become a fire hazard.

Brutinel Plumbing and Electrical’s proven track record of unparalleled excellence has garnered the support and accolades of our friends and neighbors for over 65 years. We take a deep sense of pride from the continued loyalty of our clients, and show our appreciation with prompt, friendly, and dependable service.

Whether you are in need of general repair or maintenance on your electric breaker, or need to ensure that your electric system was not affected by a recent plumbing problem, choose Arizona’s most trusted name in both plumbing and electrical needs since 1949.