Licensed Electricians & Electrical Service

Licensed Electricians in Casa Grande Regardless of your electrical needs, Brutinel Plumbing & Electrical, Inc. can handle the job and ensure that your home or business is operating as it should. Our company has seen every type of electrical problem that can occur, and we have the expertise, knowledge and experience needed to correct your issues.

Licensed Electricians in Casa Grande, AZ

Our licensed electricians can help with all sorts of electrical repairs, including doing the wiring for new construction, re-wiring services and meter upgrades. Let’s take a look at the other of electrical services we offer.

Electrical Repair Services in Casa Grande, AZ

  • Electrical breaker installations and repairs. Don’t let a circuit breaker failure disconnect your home or have operations at your business come to screeching halt. Whether it’s a simple blown fuse or a loose connection, or you need a new breaker system, our licensed electricians are available to help, and they will make sure your breaker is working properly while protecting your home from power surges, circuit overloads, fires and other potential hazards.
  • Ceiling and exhaust fan repairs. Is your bathroom fan system not working as it should? Are your ceiling fans or overall electrical ventilation system not working properly? It’s near impossible to comfortably live in Arizona without proper air flow; if your system is not working as it should, or if you need reliable ceiling or exhaust fans installed, our expert electricians are here to help.
  • Roof exhaust fan systems. Roof ventilation is an essential component that can help extend the life of your roof, while also keeping a more consistent and comfortable temperature in your home or building. Through our roof fan installation and repair services, we can help you achieve consistent airflow through your property’s most important feature.
  • Attic fan installations and repairs. Thanks to the Arizona sun relentlessly beating down on your roof, it can be difficult to consistently keep your home cool. This is where a properly working attic fan can help; whether you need to have an attic fan installed or repair an attic fan, our electricians will help you keep your home cooler and lessen the work your air conditioning has to do as you keep your home cool.
  • Installation and repairs of light fixtures and exterior lighting. Our licensed electricians have experience installing all types of lighting in homes and businesses, including LED lighting, chandeliers and recessed lighting. In addition, we help many homeowners and business owners with their outdoor electrical needs if you need new exterior lighting fixtures or need old ones repaired.
  • Wiring for smoke detectors and fire alarm systems. Few things are scarier than thinking about a fire breaking out in your home or business. Make sure your smoke detectors and fire alarm systems are properly installed and wired by trusting in the reputable electricians at Brutinel.
  • Doorbell wiring. Do you have a dead or broken doorbell on the entrance to your home or business? If so, our electricians will properly wire it to ensure it’s working good as new again.

To learn more about our electrical services, or to request a FREE quote from one of our licensed electricians, contact us today.