Don’t Let a Leaky Faucet Drain Money From Your Bank Account

If just one of your faucets drips one drop of water per minute all day, every day, for a year, that’s 34 gallons of water wasted. Now imagine you’ve got three leaky faucets, each dripping 10 drips a minute. Guess how many gallons a year that is…It’s 1,041 gallons, and water isn’t free.

The average person thinks nothing of a faucet dripping. It’s “no big deal” in their mind, but it could turn into one when they get their water bill.

Not to mention in a world where California is in drought, and many states are dealing with water shortages, it’s important to remember how invaluable water is, and how important it is to ensure we do what we can to avoid wasting water.

It’s estimated that 15,140 drops of water equals one gallon. If you think of your house, coupled with your neighbors’ homes, and local businesses and buildings, many of which do have leaky, dripping faucets, you can see that a lot of water is being unnecessarily wasted. And we’re all paying for it in some way, whether it’s our own high water bill or increased prices at the local store.

Brutinel Plumbing is in the business of fixing leaky faucets. Whether your kitchen sink, bathroom sink, or outdoor spigot seems to be dripping, know this: Brutinel can “fix the drip.” So, a little time spent on fixing a faucet properly now can save you a lot of money in the long run, and you’ll know you’re doing your part to conserve nature’s most precious resource: clean water.

Got a leaky faucet? Call Brutinel Plumbing today at 1-800-839-5802 to “fix the drip.”