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Should You Add a Second Sink to Your Kitchen?

Two Kitchen Sinks

It has been said that the key to a happy marriage is two sinks. That statement is typically referring to the bathroom, but it can also apply to the kitchen. If there’s more than one person in your household, then having two sinks in the kitchen can be quite beneficial. Even if there’s just one,… Read more »

Tips For Using a Plunger in a Sink

Plunger in Sink

Have you noticed that your kitchen or bathroom sink doesn’t seem to be draining properly? If you run the water and it doesn’t go down the drain quickly, like it normally would, you probably have something down there clogging it up. It could be hair, grease, tissues, or unexpected things, like earrings or banana peels…. Read more »

Why Do Plumbing Issues Happen?

Plumbing Problems

Most people will experience a clogged drain or toilet in their lifetime. It’s almost inevitable. Try as we might to avoid such a thing, it happens. Plumbers can tell you they get plenty of calls to come figure out what to do about clogged drains and toilets. So here’s a question: how do the pipes… Read more »

What to Do If You Have a Clogged Kitchen Sink

Clogged Kitchen Sink

Do you have a clogged kitchen sink? How annoying, right? What are some things you can do to try and unclog your kitchen sink? First, do what you can to remove dirty dishes and standing water from your sink so that you don’t have things in the way. You can scoop out water using a… Read more »

Tips for Cleaning Your Bathroom Sink

Your sink handles a lot of stuff, from stray hairs to pieces of food and then some. How, then, do you keep a clean sink? It’s a smart idea to scrub your sink every couple days using a sponge, warm water and dishwashing liquid. Did you know you can de-stain surfaces using lemon juice? Take… Read more »

Why You Shouldn’t Dump Grease Down Your Drain

After grease goes down your drain it ends up as part of wastewater going through your pipes and then into your neighborhood sewer system. It turns out that the fats in the grease mix with other chemicals in the sewer water, forming globs that can ultimately build up and then block the pipes. Just like… Read more »

Don’t Let a Leaky Faucet Drain Money From Your Bank Account

If just one of your faucets drips one drop of water per minute all day, every day, for a year, that’s 34 gallons of water wasted. Now imagine you’ve got three leaky faucets, each dripping 10 drips a minute. Guess how many gallons a year that is…It’s 1,041 gallons, and water isn’t free. The average… Read more »

The Importance of Drain Cleaning

Drains need cleaning from time to time because, as you can imagine, “stuff” builds up inside of them, over time, clogging them up. You don’t want your drains to get so blocked that the water and other “stuff” bubbles up out of the sink, shower or toilet, grossing you (and others) out and causing a… Read more »


One of the most common calls that a plumber receives is a clogged drain. It’s a literal nightmare unfolding before your very eyes as the sink starts to back up, and murky water starts to appear and pool. From hair to food, pretty much anything that doesn’t readily dissolve can force you into this dreaded… Read more »