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What Are the Most Common Emergency Plumbing Repairs?

Emergency Plumbing Repairs

If you have a leaky faucet in your home, you should have a plumber come out to take a look at it as soon as you possible. A leaky faucet is certainly an annoyance, but it is not necessarily an emergency. There are, however, some other instances in which you’ll need to have a plumber… Read more »

Here’s Why An Electrician Should Install Your Smoke Detectors

Electrician Installing Smoke Detector

Smoke detectors aren’t meant to last forever, yet many people kind of forget about their devices and that’s not good. Generally, though, you should have your detectors replaced every ten years or so, and it’s a good idea to have a professional electrician from Brutinel do the job. Brutinel Plumbing & Electrical, Inc., offers a… Read more »

The Impact Plumbers Have on Society and Our Daily Lives

The Importance of Plumbing

Imagine if you didn’t have any plumbing in your house or apartment or office. How awkward would that be in this day and age? What would life look like if everyone still used outhouses and had to clean their clothes on a scrub board down at the local river? In today’s modern society, both plumbing… Read more »

What Makes a Great Plumber?

Great Plumbers

Certain people would make terrible plumbers. For example, if someone had no interest in working with tools, had no patience with pipes or people, and was always late to appointments, then plumbing is not for them. What, then, makes a good plumber? Certifications and Licenses First of all, a plumber should be trained to the… Read more »

How Plumbers Can Help You With Bathroom and Kitchen Remodels

Bathroom Remodels

When’s the last time you updated your kitchen or bathrooms? Most people move into a home and never change anything. Then they live there for years and years and things become outdated. Only when they’re thinking of moving away do they say to themselves, “Maybe I need to update my place so I can sell… Read more »

Is My Main Sewer Line Clogged?

Main Sewer Line

When you flush your toilet where does “it” go? For most people, “it” gets taken far away from the house or building via the sanitary sewer. This is an underground carriage system that’s specifically designed to transport sewage through pipes to a treatment facility so it can be properly disposed of in a modern, convenient… Read more »

A Guide To Cleaning Your Ceiling Fan

If you’re like most people with ceiling fans in your home or office, it has probably been awhile since you reached up there and cleaned it, if ever. Over time, ceiling fans can tend to shake, wobble and make strange noises, especially if they’re rarely cleaned. Therefore, it makes sense to maintain them as best… Read more »

Why Would a Toilet Make Gurgling Sounds?

Does your toilet make a gurgling sound every time you flush it? If so, you should not ignore it, as gurgling sounds are typically a sign of a problem located somewhere in your plumbing system. There could actually be any number of things wrong within your system, so you should have a licensed plumber come… Read more »

How to Keep Your Children Safe from Electric Shocks

Small children can get into trouble very easily if they aren’t closely watched. Therefore, when we can’t be right there to watch them, we do what we can to keep them safe from incidents such as electrical shocks. Here are a few things you can do to keep your little one safe from electrical incidents…. Read more »

Why is My Dishwasher Not Getting the Water it Needs?

In the old days, dishes had to be rinsed and cleaned by hand. It was a time-consuming process. Then dishwashers thankfully became affordable, efficient, and ubiquitous. For the most part, operating a dishwasher is a no-brainer. However, once in a while a problem can occur. For example, have you noticed your dishwasher doesn’t seem to… Read more »