How to Prevent Toilet Issues

Most people don’t talk about toilets or even think about them, but Brutinel Plumbing does– it’s our job. With that in mind, here are some ideas to help prevent toilet “issues.” First, it’s a good idea to clean your toilet regularly using a mild cleaner. For porcelain toilets, this means using vinegar, baking soda and/or… Read more »

Ignore These Plumbing Falsehoods

With plumbing, oftentimes parents tell their children what they “heard” from their parents, and while some of that advice might be good and practical, realize that sometimes untrue myths get passed down generation-to-generation. Lemon Down the Drain Take, for example, the idea that running a lemon rind through your disposal will help clean the drain…. Read more »

What Are the Most Common Causes of Plumbing Leaks?

Few things are more annoying and frustrating than having a plumbing leak in your home. It’s especially daunting if you’re not sure exactly where it’s coming from– after all, most pipes are hidden from public view, typically behind walls you can’t see into unless you have Superman’s X-ray vision. With water leaks in the home… Read more »

How to Be Dishwasher Safe

You’ve probably seen the words “dishwasher safe” on a variety of products you’d use in the kitchen and dining room, including bowls, glasses and plates. Did you know that companies all have their own standards for determining what’s truly dishwasher safe? Basically, the term means that the item has been treated in such a way… Read more »

How Plumbers Can Help You With Bathroom and Kitchen Remodels

When’s the last time you updated your kitchen or bathrooms? Most people move into a home and never change anything. Then they live there for years and years and things become outdated. Only when they’re thinking of moving away do they say to themselves, “Maybe I need to update my place so I can sell… Read more »

Why Using a Plumber Snake on Your Own Could Be a Poor Decision

Are you an amateur plumber? Most people are, or think they are, and that’s understandable. Sometimes it’s easier to “do-it-yourself” than have to wait around for a professional to arrive and get to work. That said, plumbing can be a tricky thing. For instance, you might want to use a plumbing snake to remove a… Read more »

Tips For Using a Plunger in a Sink

Have you noticed that your kitchen or bathroom sink doesn’t seem to be draining properly? If you run the water and it doesn’t go down the drain quickly, like it normally would, you probably have something down there clogging it up. It could be hair, grease, tissues, or unexpected things, like earrings or banana peels…. Read more »

How to Keep Your Drain Lines Clear

Remember that old Elton John song, “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart?” How about “Don’t Go Clogging My Drains” as a parody? The Muppets should sing that one, complete with a hairball and such. Clogged drains can cause issues in your kitchen, bathroom and other rooms of your home. What are some tips for keeping your… Read more »

Tips for Preventing Your Shower From Clogging

If you think a family with five daughters is more prone to shower clogs than a single bald man living alone, you’re correct! That said, shower clogs can happen to anybody. Ways to Prevent Your Shower From Clogging One of the best ways to prevent shower clogs is to use a hair catcher in the… Read more »

Why is My Sewer Line Backed Up?

Sewer line backups are one of the worst problems that a homeowner can face. In a worst-case scenario, a sewer line backup could potentially send raw sewage spilling back into your home. Moreover, even if you only have a minor clog, it could cause bigger issues for your entire plumbing system down the line. Check… Read more »