The Functions of an Overflow Tube

Did you ever flush your toilet and then hear what sounded like the water running, long after you thought the bowl should have filled back up with water? It’s so annoying! How do toilets work? There’s the bowl with water in it, where you do your business, and there’s the tank behind the bowl. When… Read more »

Why You Should Hire a Professional for Electric Repairs

There are some basic things most people know how to do, like vacuum a rug, run a dishwasher, or take out the trash. And then there are some more complicated things most people don’t know how to do, like electrical repair in their home. At school, young people learn a lot about reading, writing and… Read more »

Tips for Preventing a Clogged Toilet

Clogged toilets are the worst. All that excrement not going down like it should is not only unsightly, but it leaves an awful aroma, too. If a plunger doesn’t solve the problem, then you’ve have to figure out an alternative solution-and quickly. What are some of the things that clog toilets? Well, you see, people… Read more »

The Importance of Hiring a Professional Plumber

Imagine if you were in Sochi for The Winter Olympics and you got to your supposedly luxury hotel room only to discover the toilet didn’t flush properly, or wasn’t even connected to the pipe system of the hotel. Or you took a cruise in the Caribbean but something was wrong with the entire ship’s systems… Read more »

How to Prevent Your Dishwasher Drain from Clogging

One of the last things you want is a dishwasher drain that clogs up, because that means a (a potential bubbly) mess in your kitchen! Normally, dishwashers are a low maintenance household item. When food gets stuck in drainage pipes, though, you’ll start to smell a foul odor. A small amount of standing water in… Read more »

How to Prevent Circuit Breaker Tripping

Have you ever experienced a time when you turned on something like a portable air conditioner, and it ran for a bit, but then it stopped, and some other things, such as the lights, turned off, too? That’s circuit breaker tripping, where the electrical flow is shut off to protect the circuit from overheating and… Read more »

Tips For Reducing Your Electric Bill

The electrical bill always seems to “go up” doesn’t it? Year after year, everything seems to get more expensive. Since Arizona is known for brutally hot summers, most residents and businesses find that their electric bills skyrocket each summer because the air conditioning is going at full blast, trying to keep temperatures comfortable. Here are… Read more »

Foods That Should Never Be Put Down a Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are a great convenience. If you own one, you know what it’s like to be able to get rid of your kitchen garbage in a safe, clean and efficient way. But as convenient as garbage disposal systems can be, they are also easy to damage; putting one wrong thing down the drain can… Read more »


One of the most common calls that a plumber receives is a clogged drain. It’s a literal nightmare unfolding before your very eyes as the sink starts to back up, and murky water starts to appear and pool. From hair to food, pretty much anything that doesn’t readily dissolve can force you into this dreaded… Read more »

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