Don’t Let a Leaky Faucet Drain Money From Your Bank Account

If just one of your faucets drips one drop of water per minute all day, every day, for a year, that’s 34 gallons of water wasted. Now imagine you’ve got three leaky faucets, each dripping 10 drips a minute. Guess how many gallons a year that is…It’s 1,041 gallons, and water isn’t free. The average… Read more »

Why You Should Leave Electrical Work to the Professionals

Did you ever, as a child, stick your finger into a wall outlet and get the shock of your life? Electricity can be dangerous, and the results can be, well, shocking. It’s best to leave electrical repair and renovation work to professional electricians like the ones from Brutinel Plumbing & Electrical, a trusted company which… Read more »

What to Do if Your Toilet Is Flushing on Its Own

Sometimes toilets flush themselves, and that freaks people out. The explanation for this is not paranormal. Instead, it involves the water level in the toilet tank, water pressure, and/or, perhaps, the fill valve where water enters the tank. If you suspect your toilet is flushing itself, take the tank cover off the back of the… Read more »

The Importance of Drain Cleaning

Drains need cleaning from time to time because, as you can imagine, “stuff” builds up inside of them, over time, clogging them up. You don’t want your drains to get so blocked that the water and other “stuff” bubbles up out of the sink, shower or toilet, grossing you (and others) out and causing a… Read more »

Tips for Improving Air Circulation

One thing about living in Arizona that’s for sure is this: there’s a lot of dust, sand and dirt around, and when it gets very windy, dust storms seem to infiltrate buildings because they’re so overwhelming. Keeping your home’s heating and cooling system working properly–and working well–in Arizona may sometimes require a little maintenance and/or… Read more »

Five Things to Know About Hydrojetting

Here at Brutinel Plumbing and Electrical in Casa Grande, Arizona, we fix problems for our customers every day. Some of these issues require more power than others. For some of the most demanding plumbing jobs, we rely on something called hydrojetting. Here are a few things you should know about the process. It’s Like Power… Read more »

Tips for Reducing Your Water Bill

Between groceries, utilities, car payments, mortgage payments and other expenses, it can be strenuous trying to balance your checkbook and stay ahead of the curve. Moreover, paying out so much money each month makes it extremely difficult to save, and have funds to serve as a nest egg or as savings for luxuries that make… Read more »

What to do if you don’t have any hot water in the shower

If you’re like me, you don’t want to take a shower in cold water.  The sensation is very uncomfortable, and it can ruin your entire morning.  There are so many benefits to using hot water.  It’s relaxing, therapeutic for your muscles, and it stimulates prolific thought (and the shower really is the best place for… Read more »

How to Prevent Kids from Flushing Objects

Unique objects and strange shapes will always fascinate children. When kids learn, they like to touch things, push buttons and learn things. This why they do things like flush toilets randomly. They’re probably intrigued by the way the water moves, and where everything goes…. and that’s when your son or daughter flushes your favorite earrings… Read more »


Watching the big game can be thrilling, but if the power goes out then you’ll have to take some quick action before you miss the next game-changing play. Accessing the circuit breaker or fuse box to correct the problem, provided it’s not a neighborhood-wide outage, can be a quick solution. However, many people wonder why… Read more »