How to Keep Your Drain Lines Clear

Remember that old Elton John song, “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart?” How about “Don’t Go Clogging My Drains” as a parody? The Muppets should sing that one, complete with a hairball and such. Clogged drains can cause issues in your kitchen, bathroom and other rooms of your home. What are some tips for keeping your… Read more »

Tips for Preventing Your Shower From Clogging

If you think a family with five daughters is more prone to shower clogs than a single bald man living alone, you’re correct! That said, shower clogs can happen to anybody. Ways to Prevent Your Shower From Clogging One of the best ways to prevent shower clogs is to use a hair catcher in the… Read more »

Why is My Sewer Line Backed Up?

Sewer line backups are one of the worst problems that a homeowner can face. In a worst-case scenario, a sewer line backup could potentially send raw sewage spilling back into your home. Moreover, even if you only have a minor clog, it could cause bigger issues for your entire plumbing system down the line. Check… Read more »

Look At These Plumbing Features When Buying a New Home

So you’re thinking of buying a new home? Consider having Brutinel Plumbing inspect its plumbing features before you sign any paperwork. What are some things a professional plumbing company can take a look at, properly, when inspecting your potential home? Sewer Line For starters, there’s the main sewer line that connects the home to the… Read more »

Why Do Plumbing Issues Happen?

Most people will experience a clogged drain or toilet in their lifetime. It’s almost inevitable. Try as we might to avoid such a thing, it happens. Plumbers can tell you they get plenty of calls to come figure out what to do about clogged drains and toilets. So here’s a question: how do the pipes… Read more »

Signs You Need to Replace Your Plumbing Pipes

If you’re like most people you don’t think about your plumbing pipes. They’re there to do their job and when they work well they don’t even require a second thought on your part. However, sometimes there are signs you need to replace your plumbing pipes, and that’s when you make the call to Brutinel Plumbing… Read more »

How to Keep Your Garbage Disposal in Good Shape

You may not think about it often, but your garbage disposal is a very important tool for your home and plumbing system. Unfortunately, the only time we give it much thought is when there is something wrong with it—such as when there is something stuck in there and the disposal (as well as your sink)… Read more »

Is My Main Sewer Line Clogged?

When you flush your toilet where does “it” go? For most people, “it” gets taken far away from the house or building via the sanitary sewer. This is an underground carriage system that’s specifically designed to transport sewage through pipes to a treatment facility so it can be properly disposed of in a modern, convenient… Read more »

What to Do If You Have a Clogged Kitchen Sink

Do you have a clogged kitchen sink? How annoying, right? What are some things you can do to try and unclog your kitchen sink? First, do what you can to remove dirty dishes and standing water from your sink so that you don’t have things in the way. You can scoop out water using a… Read more »

Things to Keep in Mind When Draining a Dishwasher

Have you ever had to drain a dishwasher? Perhaps your dishwasher isn’t draining water properly and a clog has occurred somewhere. Over time, water gets leftover and it starts to smell funky. Maybe the solution is simple, like cleaning a filter. Or maybe the drain hose/valve has a clog. If and when you’ve got a… Read more »