A Three-Step Plan To An Unclogged Drain

Everything that takes stuff in has its limits. Your gas tank can only take so much before the handle at the pump clicks. A computer can only handle so much data before it shoots back an error message. Even your own body, say, if you’ve eaten too much pizza, will let you know in it’s own special way that it’s had enough.

Likewise, when your shower starts spitting water back up at you, it’s your plumbing telling you that there is just too much gunk between the pipes to keep doing its job. The only solution is to break up the clog. Often, by the time you know you’ve got a problem with your drain, it’s too late for it to be handled with ease. In the worst cases, the assistance of a plumber is required.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to keep a drain from getting clogged in the first place. Sure, it may take a bit of diligence, but you’ll be able to shower and bathe with confidence, free from the worry that you’ll be surprised by a blast of dirty water from below.

First, get yourself a drain screen. They’re very inexpensive, and you should be able to find one that fits your drain perfectly at your local hardware store. A drain screen will keep the most obvious culprits from entering your drain, like soap scum and human hair. The downside is that you’ll probably need to clean the drain screen itself every time you show, but this is a small price to pay, and much easier than frantically plunging away at a clogged drain. Plus, by keeping foreign objects and substances out of your plumbing, you’ll prevent other problems even further into the future.

The next thing you can do to prevent a clogged drain is, once you’ve turned off the water for your shower and the drain has cleared, run another stream of very hot water for a few seconds. This will release some of the stuff that may have lingered on the sides of pipes after the first go-around.

Finally, there are a few substances you can feed your drain regularly to keep it clean and running efficiently. Don’t worry—they’re cheap and safer than the last-resort chemicals. The first one is baking soda, which is a natural cleaner that is probably sitting in your kitchen cupboard right now. The other is vinegar, which may not smell so good, but does a great job at breaking up stubborn build-up. Better yet, combine the two to create a chemical reaction that will work even better. Just be careful not to use too much of either or you could make a pretty big mess.

Of course, you might reach the end of this blog post only to throw your hands up in frustration—none of this great advice helps if you’re already dealing with a clogged drain. If you’re having a problem in the Case Grande, Arizona area, give Brutinel Plumbing a call today. Next time, just remember to keep that drain clear with just a little bit of daily attention.